2020 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (ICAIBD 2020)


会议名称:2020 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (ICAIBD 2020)










The scope of ICAIBD covers the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent information systems

Intelligent data mining and farming

Intelligent web-based business

Intelligent agents

Intelligent networks

Intelligent databases

Intelligent user interface

AI and evolutionary algorithms

Intelligent tutoring systems

Reasoning strategies

Distributed AI algorithms and techniques

Distributed AI systems and architectures

Neural networks and applications

Heuristic searching methods

Languages and programming techniques for AI

Constraint-based reasoning and constraint programming

Intelligent information fusion

Learning and adaptive sensor fusion

Search and meta-heuristics

Multisensor data fusion using neural and fuzzy techniques

Integration of AI with other technologies

Evaluation of AI tools

Social intelligence (markets and computational societies)

Social impact of AI

Emerging technologies

Brain models, Brain mapping, Cognitive science

Natural language processing

Fuzzy logic and soft computing

Software tools for AI

Decision support systems

Automated problem solving

Big Data Models and Algorithms

Foundational Models for Big Data

Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing

Big Data Analytics and Metrics

Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data

Big Data Architectures

Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data

Big Data as a Service

Big Data Open Platforms

Big Data in Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Big Data Management

Big Data Persistence and Preservation

Big Data Quality and Provenance Control

Management Issues of Social Network Big Data

Big Data Protection, Integrity and Privacy

Models and Languages for Big Data Protection

Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics

Big Data Encryption

Big Data Search and Mining

Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search

Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search

Machine learning based on Big Data

Visualization Analytics for Big Data

Big Data for Enterprise, Government and Society

Big Data Economics

Big Data for Business Model Innovation

Big Data Toolkits

Big Data in Business Performance Management

SME-centric Big Data Analytics