2013 IEEE进化计算大会


会议名称:2013 IEEE进化计算大会

2013 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)






具体地点:Cancun, Mexico

主办单位:IEEE Computational Intelligence Society







The annual IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation is one of the leading events in the area of evolutionary computation.

CEC 2013 will bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of evolutionary computation and computational intelligence from around the globe. Technical exchanges within the research community will encompass keynote speeches, special sessions and tutorials as well as presentations and posters. Participants will be treated to a series of social functions and networking sessions, which will serve as a vital channel to establish new connections and foster lasting friendship among fellow counterparts.


It covers all topics in evolutionary computation, including, but not limited to:

Ant colony optimization Dynamic & uncertain environments

Genetic algorithms

Artificial immune systems

Emerging areas Hybrid evolutionary algorithms

Artificial life Estimation of Distribution Algorithms

Linkage in evolutionary computation

Autonomous mental & behavior development Evolution strategies

Memetic algorithms

Bioinformatics & computational biology Evolutionary data mining

Molecular computing

Classifier systems

Evolutionary design

Multi-objective optimization

Coevolution & collective behavior Evolutionary games

Network-on-chip based systems

Cognitive systems & applications Evolutionary intelligent agents Online & Self-adaptation

Combinatorial & numerical optimization Evolutionary learning systems

Parallel evolutionary computation

Computational intelligence in games Evolutionary programming

Particle swarm optimization

Computer vision Evolutionary robotics

Quantum computing

Constraint handling

Evolvable hardware

Real-world applications

Cultural algorithms

Evolvable software

Representation & operators

Developmental systems

Evolved art & music

Scheduling & planning

Differential evolution

Evolving fuzzy systems

Swarm intelligence

Distributed evolutionary computation

Evolving neural networks